Bart graduated in 1999 cum laude at the University of Utrecht with a masters in physical geography. Between 1999 and 2005 he worked for the major Dutch GIS company called Geodan. While working for Geodan he was the technical project lead and architect of the Geoservices project for the Dutch Ministry of Transport. In 2005 he joined Syncera to work on their new product for Web GIS (based on Chameleon) and desktop GIS (based on TatukGIS).

In 2005 Bart was a technical reviewer of the O’Reilly book by Tyler Mitchell titled Web Mapping Illustrated - Using Open Source GIS Toolkits.

In may 2005 he published an article together with Wim de Haas from the Ministry of Transport in about the Open Source GIS world.

In june 2006 he published an article in the same magazine titled “OpenGIS in practice, the reality of open standards”.

Bart is a core contributor to the OpenLayers and GeoExt projects and also a member of both PSCs (Project Steering Committee).


OSGIS works for or has worked with the following clients:

  • Rijkswaterstaat Data & ICT Dienst
  • Roxit (voorheen Syncera IT Solutions)
  • Provincie Limburg
  • Gemeente Gorinchem
  • SwissTopo
  • Gemeente Delft
  • Geonovum
  • TNO
  • GisArts
  • Sapienza
  • Traffic IT Services
  • Nieuwland
  • Gemeente Terneuzen
  • Transpute
  • Ministerie van VROM
  • OpenGeo
  • Boundless Spatial
  • Stichting Incident Management Nederland (SIMN)
  • OpenGeoGroep


OSGIS, Open Source GIS consultancy and implementation!

OSGIS was started in 2005 by Bart van den Eijnden, it’s a sole proprietorship. The Open Source GIS world grows fast, but it’s hard to keep a helicopter view as an outsider.

OSGIS uses competitive rates, is one of the experts in the field of Open Source GIS components and is able to help you make the right choices. OSGIS has a very good netowrk in the field of Open Source geospatial.

OSGIS is also very familiar with open standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).